What’s more fun than a Piggy Paint manicure? A Piggy Paint colouring art adventure!

Choose from our multiple colouring in cards below and download one or ALL of our free colouring in pages to keep your little ones creative and happy AND watch them create a colourful masterpiece!

Mermaids & Unicorns

Let your kids imagination go colour crazy with an underwater sea creature adventure or magical unicorns and butterflies!

Choose your own adventure with these colouring pages that come complete with magical mermaids, shells, starfish and see if you can find the hidden piggy paint nail polish in some of them!

Baby Unicorn

Under the Sea

Party Time

What’s not to love about parties? Fun, friends and food!

And no party would be complete without balloons, confetti, doughnuts & ice cream!

These colouring in pages with sure inspire some fun colours to come out of the pencil cases and on to to paper!!

OH and see if you can spot the Piggy Paint nail polish in these pictures!

Mermaid PARTY

Piggy Paint party Kids

Party Time

Manicure Practice

Want to create a fun colourful mani but want to choose your colour combinations first?

These mani hands are PERFECT for testing your ideas first!

OR you can even practice your manicure skills and try painting them with the real deal Piggy Paint nail polish for some extra practice!

Don’t forget to decorate with some rings, other jewellery pieces and hand art!

Mini Mani Practice

mini pedi practice

Decorate it!

We’ve created some fun images to get your little ones thinking!

Sometimes a blank canvas creates the space for ideas and masterpieces to flow through.

Fill in the ‘Art gallery’, decorate the ‘ice cream’ or top the ‘cupcake’.

Download one or all of them and see what fun-ness is created!

Decorate cupcake

fill the art gallery

top the ice cream


These colouring pages are inspired by Zentangles art.

If you haven’t heard about Zentangles, they are simple repeating patterns that make beautiful images with structured patterns. A wonderful piece of art to colour in!

Zentangles are said to increase focus, creativity, self-confidence and an increased sense of well-being

Choose from Heart, flower of circle and get your little ones focused and colouring!

Zentangle heart flower

zentangle flower

Zentangle circle

Zentangle Heart

Zentangles Starters

These Zentangles starters are designed to prompt the creativity juices to flow and to make your own Zentangles!

An easy-to-learn, relaxing, and fun way to create beautiful images by drawing or colouring structured patterns.

The best part of Zentangle art is that, it doesn’t have to be complicated to be beautiful.

It has been said that as you use the Zentangle Method to create beautiful images, you likely will enjoy increased focus, creativity, self-confidence and an increased sense well-being.

So we have created these fun starter images to get your Zentangle on!

balloon zentangles

lollipop zentangles

Piggy Paint Original Colourings

Where is started all! Our original colouring pages that inspired many competitions and freebie giveaways!

These fruity colouring pages are perfect for little ones that love lots of colour! Get their little creative minds started and watch them create a masterpiece for your wall!

Choose from art options with our Rock the Locks hair care range OR an outdoor Piggy Paint polish adventure fun colouring! Either way it will provide an afternoon of fun and keep your little ones brains active!

Funky fruit

This fruity colouring in is perfect for little ones that love lots of colour! Get their little creative minds started and watch them create a masterpiece for your wall!

Colouring in page

adventure play

This outdoor adventure fun colouring in will provide an afternoon of fun and keep your little ones creative!

Rock the Locks

Our new non-toxic hair care range is perfectly smelling and contains no nasties for your little ones. Use some fun colours to make this picture come to life and keep the little ones occupied!


Our Easter egg colouring in pages have come back with some of the most cleverest colour combinations that are definitely fridge-worthy!

See what masterpiece your little one can create with these Easter colouring pages!


Easter Egg

Easter Egg


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