How Long will my nail Polish Last?

The million dollar question

There are so many factors that are involved in the consequences of the duration of your manicure.

Natural nail health along with daily activities, polish application and lifestyle are all factors that will dictate the longevity of keeping your manicure super duper shiny and splendid!

Last longer

Piggy Paint

Since Piggy Paint does not contain harsh chemicals, it does require these few extra steps for durability. When worn according to application instructions, Piggy Paint will wear like traditional nail polish.

It's all in the Application

The enemies of a perfectly pampered mani are water exposure and alcohol in products such as hand sanitisers or hairspray.

While water is a wonderful resource that we all use it everyday, we all know that prolonged exposure affects our skin and our nails (Just look at your wrinkly fingers after swimming or a bath!). Water can get under the nail bed and lift off the polish.

Hand sanitisers and hairsprays (both amazing inventions) contains alcohol that causes our perfect lustrous shine to dull and chip.

Remember, gloves are your friend…. (or a butler).

To help, there are a few things that we can do to keep your nails looking ‘colour happy’ for longer and it all starts with the application process.

Nail prep is essential!!

  • Remove any old polish.
  • File or cut away any ‘extra’ nail bits.
  • Use a base coat! A base coat is a special type of formula that provides the perfect smooth foundation for laying the building blocks of colour perfect mani. It also protects your natural nail. Double Bonus!
  • Apply nail polish in thin layers. This is crucial.
    Use a topcoat for added shine.
  • Use the ‘basecoat sealer’ to Seal the Deal
  • If you are really aiming for longevity and have the time, re-apply sealer every two days.

Piggy Paint Long Lasting Manicure Application Instructions:
1. Wash hands with soap and water.
2. Apply very thin layer of BASECOAT + SEALER for chip resistance. Air Dry.
3. Apply 2-3 thin coats of Piggy Paint Nail Polish
4. Blow dry polished nails on warm heat/ low blower setting. With no harsh chemicals, the heat hardens polish for maximum chip resistance.
5. Apply Shine Topcoat for shine & scratch resistance. Repeat blow dryer.
6. Apply Basecoat + Sealer on top of Topcoat for extended wear. Be sure to cover tips of nails. Repeat blow dryer.