Colour Me Happy


Want it All – Colour me Happy Collection

Why limit yourself to one style, when there are so many fab styles to choose from!?

For an enviable, dynamic style, this collection allows you to do it all with natural and effortless grace.

The ‘Colour Me Happy Collection’ is a perfect combo for you to shine like the sassy star that you are!

Pack Includes;

‘Out of the Cellar’ – True Burgundy red

‘Mi Amore’ – Blushing Pink Neutral

‘It’s a Girl Thing’ – Bright Pink

‘Prime + Shine + Seal’ – Top & Basecoat

* Australian Certified Toxic-Free®
* Made Safe™
* Allergy Certified®
* Vegan-Friendly Certified™
* Cruelty-Free Certified™

The SOPHi nail polish range is SOPHisticated, non-toxic, vegan & cruelty free certified. Perfect for the health conscious woman on her eco friendly journey to make her home & world a better place.

Use with SOPHi PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System for maximum durability, using a blow dryer on low heat between coats to help polish set.

Since SOPHi does not contain harsh chemicals, it requires a few extra steps for durability. When worn according to application instructions, SOPHi will wear like traditional nail polish. We recommend the Prime + Shine + Seal system.

15ml Nail Polish

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How to Use

SOPHi nail polish is water based so requires a few extra steps. Using the Prime, Shine, Seal system and the below instructions below – your mani / pedi will go the distance!

  1. Prep the nails by washing hands with soap and water
  2. Apply Primer + Sealer (for extended wear)
  3. Air dry for 60 sec (Or use Hairdryer on low setting)
  4. Apply a thin coat of colour polish
  5. Dry with hairdryer on low setting (optional for best wear)
  6. Apply second coat if desired (repeat hairdryer)
  7. Apply Shine topcoat for extra chip resistance (Don’t worry, it dries clear!)
  8. Dry with hairdryer on low setting
  9. Apply a thin layer of Primer + Sealer on top of Topcoat to seal the polish. Don’t forget to apply it to the tips of the nails as well, since this is where polish typically chips first.
  10. Blowdry nails
  11. Enjoy your fresh non-toxic manicure

Think of the hairdryer as a replacement for the gel curing lamp at the salon – DIY spa day at home!!

* PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is not needed for use on toe nails.


Polish Colour: Water, Acrylates copolymer, Neem Oil. May also contain the following colorants (depending on shade): Red 7, Red 34, Red 28, Red 17, Iron oxide, Titanium dioxide, Ultramarines, Chrome Green, Mica, Violet 2.

Primer + Sealer: Methoxypropanol

Shine Topcoat: Water, Acrylates Copolymers, Polyethylene, Neem Oil

Customer Reviews

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I love it!

After developing some serious chemical allergies last year, I have had to detoxify my life a lot and search out new makeup, skincare and beauty products that are natural and non-toxic. I love having coloured toenails, and decided to try the SOPHi nail colour with top coat and primer. Yes, it’s a little bit more of a process to blow dry nails in between each coat but by following the instructions, the polish lasted two weeks with just a few wee chips developing. I could probably have gone another week, except I wanted to try another colour!

I bought a three-colour pack (Colour Me Happy) with the sealer and topcoat, and I can see now it was a worthwhile investment as this is great quality stuff which will last for ages, and the three quite different shades will be plenty of variety for me. It feels so good to be putting a more natural product on my nails, and I am looking forward to my nails looking and being healthier underneath as they grow out. This is also a fantastic opportunity to support an Australian company which has produced a product that is better for the health of our children and ourselves in this chemically toxic world in which we live these days.

I used some non-acetone polish remover that I had at home, and it was quite a bit of work to get the nail polish off - testament to its longevity, I guess - so I think I will purchase some Piggy Paint remover and try it instead.

Great product, fun colours, thoroughly recommended, and packaged beautifully when it came in the post.