Nail Art Stencils


DIY Vinyl Nail Art Sticker Stencils

Ready to get creative? These nail art stencils help you to create some exciting nail at designs that will have people asking “Where did you get your mani done???”

These stencils are adhesive and are ideal for using with our SOPHi or Piggy Paint nail polish.

For a perfect DIY mini mani with nail art, follow these steps!


  1. Choose your nail stencil. They come in varied shapes and sizes.
  2. Apply a thin layer of Basecoat and allow to dry
  3. Add the base colour for your nail (we recommend a lighter colour, so it doesnt interfere with the top colour – but feel free to experiment!)
  4. Once the base colour is dry/cured, apply your selected stencil and secure it onto the nail.
  5. Apply an additional colour over the nail THEN while wet gently peel off the stencil (use tweezers), and reveal the design.
  6. Once the colours are dry apply a clear top coat and for extra chip resistance, seal with the basecoat sealer!
  7. The stencils can be re-used up to 3 times


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Nail Stickers

Heart, Triangle, Star, Circle, Square, Ocean Waves, Sine Wave, French Twist, Edgy, Wavy, Curly Wurly, ZigZag, 12 Pack (All)