Piggy Paint x Playdough-ology FUN

Add some squishy fun for little fingers to play with and use their imagination! A perfect addition to your nail polish collection as a surprise for little ones!

Why we LOVE playdough:

  • Develops Fine Motor Skills, using little fingers to manipulate dough
  • Squishing and rolling can bring focus & help to relax
  • Encourages creative and imaginative play with little mind scenarios
  • It promotes Playtime (and we all need playtime!)

Just like our Piggy Paint formula, this Playdough is kid friendly and coloured and scented using only non-toxic, food grade ingredients.

We have 4 different varieties to choose from;

  • Raspberry (red)
  • Marshmallow (pink) &
  • Passionfruit (orange)
  • White with glitter (non-scented)
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Marshmallow (Bright Pink) 50g, Bubblegum (Blue) 50g, Strawberry (Red) 50g, Lavendar (Purple), Musk (Light Pink) 50g, Banana (Yellow) 50g

How to Use

Each tub of playdough is handmade using non toxic, food grade ingredients. it’s coloured, scented, soft and long lasting.

These unique playdough tubs are interlocking and stackable.

Playdough provides children with endless learning opportunities, particularly for those that prefer to learn kinaesthetically.

It is a great material for sensory play that allows children to practice skills in hand-eye coordination and fine motor development. playdough is great tool for creative and imaginative play and has great therapeutic value!

It’s perfect for play at home, on the go, by yourself or with friends!


Water, flour, salt, cream of tartar, oil, food colours, food essences. All ingredients are food grade (even the glitter!)