Pretty Princess Gift Set


Pretty Princess Scented Nail polish Gift Set

A Pretty Princess Gift Pack all bundled together for a pretty princess!

This 2 polish + remover gift set is fit for a princess and comes complete with princess-y nail stickers including tiara & wand stickers. So your little princess can twirl around with a perfect princess manicure!

Gift Set includes;

  • Rad Raspberry scented nail polish (pink shimmer)
  • Funky Fruit scented nail polish (matte purple)
  • Princess nail art AND
  • Piggy Paint Nail polish remover

Piggy Paint Nail Polishes are;

* Non-toxic
* Water-based formula
* Hypoallergenic
* Fun, vibrant colors
* Dries to a hard, durable finish
* Cruelty-free
* Does not peel
* Kid-friendly
* Safe for use during Pregnancy!

For maximum wear, we recommend using Piggy Paint Basecoat + Sealer

7.4ml Nail Polish

120ml Polish Remover

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How To Use

Our nail polish is water based (with no nasties) so requires a few extra steps to wear like a regular polish. Apply these instructions below and your mani / pedi will go the distance!

  1. Prep the nails by washing hands with soap and water
  2. Apply Basecoat (for extended wear)
  3. Air dry for 60 sec
  4. Apply a thin coat of colour polish
  5. Dry with hairdryer on low setting (optional for best wear)
  6. Apply second coat if desired (repeat hairdryer)
  7. Stick on nail stickers onto the painted nail
  8. Finish with Shine topcoat to lock the stickers in place AND for extra chip resistance
  9. Dry with hairdryer on low setting
  10. Enjoy (and show off) your fresh non-toxic mani !

Think of the hairdryer as a replacement for the gel curing lamp at the salon – DIY spa day at home (only with no nasties!)


Nail Polish:  Water, acrylates copolymer, neem oil. May contain (depending on shade): ultramarines, iron oxide, titanium dioxide, mica, red 28, red 34, red 22, red 7, yellow 10, violet 2, zinc sulfide/copper, chrome green, orange 5

Remover: Corn alcohol, Aloe Vera extract, Vitamin E, embittering agent. (Low Odor & No Acetone)

Warning: Because Piggy Paint Nail Polish Remover is flammable when heated, do not use or store near heat or an ignition source. Do not ingest.  Keep out of reach of children, and always have an adult supervising while using this product. 

Customer Reviews

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Such pretty colours!

I purchased this non toxic kids nail paint set along with the base coat and top coat set, as a gift for my little cousin (just turned 5) and the look on her face when she opened it was just priceless - she loves all things dresses, pink, sparkly, pretty. So she absolutely loved it. The princess nail art stickers are so sweet and makes a perfect birthday gift!