Colour Me Happy

You really are a ‘Trendy Wendy‘. No ‘Negative Nancy’s’ here. Just ‘All the way May’!

You want to have it all. The darks, the lights, the pastels. Because you are a lover of everything!

And why NOT? It’s all there to be enjoyed, and it’s a part of your duty in life to try things and share them with your community.

You are offering the world a service and they should be grateful!

Why limit yourself to one style, when there are so many fab styles to choose from!? After all, you suit every single one of them! Red today, French tomorrow and pink on Saturday Night!

You have an enviable, dynamic style, that others only dream to have and you just do it naturally and effortlessly.

Your colours would be one from every hue, SO the ‘Colour Me Happy Collection‘ is your perfect combo. So you can shine like the sassy star that you are!

Colour Me Happy Collection

For an enviable, dynamic style, this collection allows you to do it all with natural and effortless grace.

The ‘Colour Me Happy Collection’ is a perfect combo for you to shine like the sassy star that you are!

This gorgeous gift set contains all you need to show your nails off. Why limit yourself to one style, when there are so many fab styles to choose from!?

These polishes are valued at $91.85 but if you purchase the ‘Colour Me Happy Collection’ Pack it’s at a trendy $79.95 for the bundle.

So get your sassy and SOPHisticated glam on with this collection today!

What sets us apart?  Better than 7 & 10 free, SOPHi nail polish is free of ALL harsh, smelly chemicals!

Why be exposed to nasty toxins when you don’t have to be?

SOPHi nail polish is non-flammable, and contains no formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, bisphenol A (BPA), or ethyl acetate.

 Non-toxic & SOPHisticated nail polish to support you on your eco-journey!

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Here’s some more Super Sweet colours that will go PERFECT with your need it all personality! Oooh and DON’T forget the remover!

Prime, Shine & Seal

For maximum durability, SOPHi’s PRIME + SHINE + SEAL System is a must.

This revolutionary Primer + Sealer in-one is a must-have for chip resistance, and the Shine Topcoat offers additional scratch resistance.

When applied with SOPHi’s 4 step system (Prime, Color, Shine, Seal), this water-based formula easily competes with standard nail polish durability.

Due to no harsh chemicals being present, these few extra steps to Prime, Shine & Seal are required so that it will wear like a regular nail polish.